Education in Ethiopia - An Overview

Formal education in Ethiopia is started in 1908. The current education policy in Ethiopia assures for growth and development of education. The total government budget has increased by 84%. Education is practical and relevant. The Ethiopian people have got the right to pursue education in their own language at the elementary level in 1993.  The national language Amharic remains on the curriculum and from the secondary level the medium of instruction is English.

The Ethiopian government has allocated a huge budget for building school infrastructure. Regional government has given important role in developing education at elementary level. However, the higher education in Ethiopia is sole responsibility of the central government. The government has planned to build at least one university per regional state and one education college, one technology college and one medical college. The number of girls taking enrolment in elementary schools is increasing every year.

The sequence of general education in Ethiopia is six years of primary school, four years of lower secondary school and two years of higher secondary school.
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